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PAST (selected)

3 May 2018
The Past and Present of Technological Change
Dr Frances Flanagan (United Voice) & Dr Jesse Adams Stein
Seminar series: Work: Past and Present
5:30 – 7pm
UTS, Building 10, Jones St Ultimo, Level 14, Room 201

12 – 14 April 2018
The last generation of Australian hot metal compositors: Are there lessons for engineering patternmakers (and beyond)?
Conference: The Production of Information: Technologies, Media, Markets and Labour in the Twentieth Century
Hamburg, Germany

16 September 2017
Talking spatial memory: Workers, inmates, institutional buildings and mnemonic space
Dr Jesse Adams Stein & Dr Emma Rowden
Conference: Oral History Association of Australia Biennial Conference, Sydney


9 April 2017
Keeping the axe workshop going’: Australian manufacturing and the hidden maintenance of historical practices
Dr Jesse Adams Stein, Dr Ace Simpson, Dr Marco Berti, Assoc. Prof. Antoine Hermens
Conference: The Maintainers II: Labor, Technology & Social Orders
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken


2 March 2017
Oral histories of work
Panel: Prof Maryanne Dever, Kylie Andrews, Prof Paula Hamilton, Dr Jesse Adams Stein
Centre for Public History, UTS